Welcome to the website of the Coldstream Guards Association – Hull Branch

The objects of the Coldstream Guards Association are to:

  • Maintain the principal of ‘Once a Coldstreamer, always a
  • To bring to the notice of Regimental Headquarters Coldstream
    Guards any case of a member deserving of assistance from
    Regimental Funds.
  • To assist those who are leaving or have left the Regiment.
  • By the Branch and members to assist where possible in obtaining
    recruits for the Regiment.
  • To organise Branch meetings, including an Annual General
    Meeting, an Annual Dinner and social events (St Georges Day,
    Remembrance Parade and Christmas Lunch etc).


Find out about the origins of the Hull Branch of the Coldstream Guards Association, how and when the Branch was established and other events in the branch’s history.


Information about regular and annual meetings, upcoming member events, times and dates of meetings and events and where the Hull Branch meetings take place.


Find details here of Branch Appointments, senior members and committee members. You will also find a complete, up to date Nominal Roll of Hull Branch membership.

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